Logo Design Inspiration x 012

logo design inspiration

Logo Design Inspiration x 012

A good logo is arguably one of the most important parts of a business, and getting it right is very tricky. Having to put all your companies value, services and feelings into a simple recognisable mark is no easy feat. We don’t blame you if you’re struggling for ideas! But maybe we can help your creativity with this collection of logos.

Crosspath IT – Jared Granger

ANT-P – CaiCai

Wolf Polygon Logo – QhueCreative

logo iNNERSHiP – Benoit Massé

Piggy – Tony Murphy

Feast – Antony West

Henghold – idgroup / Jared Granger

Matthew Coughlin Photography – idgroup / Jared Granger

Limelight Performance – idgroup / Jared Granger

Shook Farms – idgroup / Jared Granger

Icecream Design -7gone

SaySomething.AU – Sweet Creative

S Star – George Bokhua

Logos – Brandon Nickerson / Luis Samaniego

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