Illustration Inspiration x 013

illustration inspiration

Illustration Inspiration x 013

Design Grab brings you an eclectic mix of various digital illustrations from around the web. Illustration within graphic design is rapidly growing and many companies are demanding infographics to quirky icons for all their marketing material. We show you a collection of the masters of the bevel in our Illustration Inspiration collection.

Mad Max Fury Road Vehicles – Misha Petrick

Kids Issue / Aire Magazine – Gemma Román

Character Collection – Chris Fernandez

Various Publications – Nicolas Dehghani

Selected illustrations for Mr.Porter – Giordano Poloni

Joe – Pat Grivet

Future food tech. Illustration for Food Fanatics – Miguel Montaner

“The best, bar none”. Illustration for Hopkins Medicine – Miguel Montaner 

The Washington Post Express – Donghyun Lim 

GO OUT IN THE GREEN 3 – Jamie Oliver Aspinall

Buffalo – Jimmy Bryant

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