Design Studio Spotlight – KINDRED STUDIO x 023

design studio spotlight banner, shows kindred studio logo above pieces of their work

Design Artist Spotlight x 023 / KINDRED STUDIO

Our latest Roundup, Design Studio Inspiration we bring you Kindred Studio.

Kindred is the multi-disciplinary studio of Sydney based Illustrator, Designer and Art Director Andrew Fairclough. – Since 2004, Kindred Studio has created designer-y illustrative imagery and identities across print, digital and motion for a diverse range of clients across the globe.

Andrew’s work and words have appeared in print and online through Desktop, It’s Nice That, Leurzers Archive, Creative Review, Computer Arts, Ion, Design Is Kinky, Building A Wolf and 8 Hour Day. (Taken from )

Art vs Science

American Express

The Clerkenwell Post

Jacky Winter Field Guide

Mr Black

Face the music – 2013

8 Bit Love

Marc Maron

Inbox by Gmail

TY Segall


Design Artist Spotlight – Jovie Brett x 018

design artist

Design Artist Spotlight x 018 / Jovie Brett

We look at designer Jovie Brett from the Philippines, he has a penchant for Google’s elegant material design and makes some awesome looking UI gif’s and icons. We sure hope Google spots this talented designer and snaps him up!

Inbox + Material Design


Calender icon

Beach rio icon

Gallery icon

Terminal Emulator icon

Bluetooth icon

Browser icon

Inbox by Gmail

Google keyboard

Google Design

Design Artist Spotlight – Mads Berg x 008

design artist

Design Artist Spotlight x 008 / Mads Berg

Amazing geometric illustrations by design artist Mads Berg, his work follows an art-deco theme merged with familiar and modern illustration techniques. Mads work is a great example of our being different from the crowd can produce amazing results!

Engadina, Amaro Bitter

Le Jardin d’hiver de L’Occitane


The Day Before – Kim Larsen Theater

Cassy Cocoon Perlon Poster

Aarhus Teater, årsplakat

Bornholm Poster 2015

Time Out Magazine – Summer Nights

PLAJ advertisement

Hansens Posters 2013

Design Artist Spotlight – Tom Haugomat x 003


Design Artist Spotlight x 003 / Tom Haugomat

Tom Haugomat is an extremely talented professional Illustrator from Paris, France. He is a master of negative space and making the most of bold colours in very minimal palettes. Our favourite part is how he makes his characters simple yet elegant in his designs!

Dirty Diplomacy

Le Monde

Protein Magazine

Panorama I C O N