Design Artist Spotlight – Mads Berg x 008

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Design Artist Spotlight x 008 / Mads Berg

Amazing geometric illustrations by design artist Mads Berg, his work follows an art-deco theme merged with familiar and modern illustration techniques. Mads work is a great example of our being different from the crowd can produce amazing results!

Engadina, Amaro Bitter

Le Jardin d’hiver de L’Occitane


The Day Before – Kim Larsen Theater

Cassy Cocoon Perlon Poster

Aarhus Teater, årsplakat

Bornholm Poster 2015

Time Out Magazine – Summer Nights

PLAJ advertisement

Hansens Posters 2013

Illustration Inspiration x 007

illustration inspiration

Illustration Inspiration x 007

Design Grab brings you an eclectic mix of various digital illustrations from around the web. Illustration within graphic design is rapidly growing and many companies are demanding infographics to quirky icons for all their marketing material. We show you a collection of the masters of the bevel in our Illustration Inspiration collection.

Newsletter Signup – Justin Mezzell

Free Resources – Justin Mezzell

Pack Backin’ – Justin Mezzell

Do Androids Dream? – Justin Mezzell

Mountains – Nick Slater

Route 66 – Nick Slater

Seattle – Nick Slater

Promote Yourself – Florian Schommer

Wired Laptop – Studio Kronk

Painting Inspiration x 006

painting inspiration

Painting Inspiration x 006

Painting is a skill that takes dedication and years to master, truly a craft. From getting form and shapes, to mastering composition and colour. Hopefully our collection of traditional medium painting inspiration can help you draw creativity, ideas and inspiration.

Estudio DE A. – Carlos San Millan

Interior. – Carlos San Millan

Daydream – Michael Malm

grimhearts1985 – Michael Malm

Various – Peter Wileman

Blue Nails – Andres Kal

Dilation – Claire Elan.

Charade – Alyssa Monks

Rooftops in snow – Jeremy Mann

Sunset by Union Square – Jeremy Mann

Los Angeles – Jeremy Mann

Construction – Jeremy Mann

UI/UX Design Inspiration x 005

ui/ux design inspiration

UX/UI Design Inspiration

Interface design is beauty, functionality and simplicity all perfectly balanced. Learn from the masters of balance with these great examples of UI/UX Design Inspiration.

Sea Schedule – Valentyn Khenkin

Gif for Ribbit controls – Tubik Studio

ECHO app – Sergey Valiukh

Mobile Investment Platform – Ghani Pradita

DOTA Interface Redesign – Artiom Vladimir

Digitaltree –  Ruslan Siiz

Stock Market – Alex Gilev

BMW Card – Miroslav Rajković

Burberry – Miroslav Rajković

Logo Design Inspiration x 004

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Logo Design Inspiration x 004

A good logo is arguably one of the most important parts of a business, and getting it right is very tricky. Having to put all your companies value, services and feelings into a simple recognisable mark is no easy feat. We don’t blame you if you’re struggling for ideas! But maybe we can help your creativity with this collection of logos.

Logo Collection – WE RECOMMEND

Logo Vol 1 & 4- Helder Rodrigues

Junior Watches – Miki Stefanoski

BS co – Mushky Ginsburg

Design Artist Spotlight – Tom Haugomat x 003


Design Artist Spotlight x 003 / Tom Haugomat

Tom Haugomat is an extremely talented professional Illustrator from Paris, France. He is a master of negative space and making the most of bold colours in very minimal palettes. Our favourite part is how he makes his characters simple yet elegant in his designs!

Dirty Diplomacy

Le Monde

Protein Magazine

Panorama I C O N


Branding Design Inspiration x 002

featured 2

Branding Design Inspiration x 002

A strong brand design can make a business, but sometimes coming up with a compelling, innovative but also simple design can be the hardest challenge a designer can face.

Monte Cristallo – Gustavo Freitas

Anderson’s Organic Smoothies – Fernando Farfán

Textile Federation – Post

Leon Courville Vigneron – Lg2 Boutique

Seilenna Swimwear – Verena Michelitsch